Smoking in the Woods: Bad For Your Heath? Does cause pain To the bottom

Smoking In The Woods – part 1
Taylor Rayne & Josh Payne ( Yes he spanked  her on the plain)

Taylor is caught smoking in the woods with classmates during gym class and once again must report to Headmaster Payne’s office. While the other girls get off with detention, it’s back in position for more tough discipline with a hand spanking for Taylor.













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8 Responses to “Smoking in the Woods: Bad For Your Heath? Does cause pain To the bottom”

  • Kelly:

    I tried AND tried to get paddlings over detention all through school. But NOOOO, those em effers thought it was a better punishment to deprive me of watching Guiding Light after school than to paddle my unspanked butt. Truthfully, I think the principal was afraid I’d laugh at his “love taps!” 🙂

  • At my school things are different. Actually, I went to a private school that used caning on the rare occasion.

  • Kelly:

    I experienced my 1st caning earlier this year. I liked it-very attention getting! 🙂
    In my high school in the late 1980’s they added to the wooden paddle choice either 1-3 swats with that or a rod. Is a rod similar to a cane?

  • Bobbie Jo:

    When I was in 7th and 8th grade, the principal had a paddle hanging on the wall. I saw that the only time I was in there and it was when the school had open house one evening. We had an assembly the first day of 7th and one of the teachers told us about it. Talk about electrifying the kids! The teacher told us that if we wanted to know what it was like, we could just come to the office and ask for a sample. Yeah, right! No thank you!

  • I was very abused in Catholic school. I got tossed when I started to fight back. Went to a nice, private catholic school. They used controlled cp. Paddle and such. I got caned once. Nothing. They didn’t know how to do it.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Sorry to hear that, David. I tend to get rather incensed when I hear stuff like that. I have a close friend that had everything from hoses to willow branches used on her.

    One of the third grade teachers, the one I did not have, used to use a ruler on the hands of some of the kids.

    One of the things the men teachers would do is grab a kid and slam them up against the wall. That seems pretty bad, but it wasn’t as bad as it sounds. Hurt? Yeah. Brutal? Not really. They only did it when a kid was really doing something they should not have been and ususally it was serious.

    I was only spanked once in school and it was more for shock value than pain. In fact, it didn’t hurt at all. I was being a bit onery and flipped my sweater at the door monitor and his teacher came up behind me and I got three painless swats. The only person from my class to see it was another kid and I shrugged it off. BUT, I never did that again.

  • tim:

    Taylor is spanked well by sir in his study ,best tim.

  • Hi Bobbbie Jo: One of the nuns broke my ribs.

    Tim: You gotta love Taylor