Sneak Pics from Saturday’s shoot and other things

Let me say that I am thrilled by your response to our first HD production. Most didn’t know that the production was the first time that Ten and Veronica worked together. I thought that they had great chemistry.


( Actual Video Grab)

On Saturday, we shot a great series with Tara and Julie Simone.  Tara was a bratty kid and Julie played her step mom.

Here are a few pics.







I had a business meeting with Pixie via the phone today. Due to her illness she and I hadn’t talked for a few weeks, other than by email or texts.

We discussed the the last few months and our future.

Over the past several months I’ve been very happy with the direction of our productions and the brats we’ve been spanking.  We are trying some new things while maintaining our basic concept. We will keep evolving and and find new and creative ways of Punishing brats.

So stay tuned to our website by giving Tara a little smack on her bottom.


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