So it’s my birthday…aahhhh: Who knows where the time goes


It’s is hard to belive that i’ve surived this long. I’d so love to live for 1001 years, just to see how all of this turns out.


When I turned 30, I received a poem that said : HAPPY BIRTHDAY-another death threat from God,


All things considered, I am still spanking. Always have been a gym pixie puts it.





Thank you all for supporting us and allowing me to do this. I’m coming off of two staight weeks of shooting.and I am tired. I have a day job too. I usually don’t hit the bed until 0500, and I don’t mind. I love this.


I also have great affection for those who helped bring my vision to life.


My bother Rick, who is missed beyond words. My gratitude to Pixie for her being not just the #1 star of her time ( should she return..I expect that she would rapidly regain that title), but for her work as our webmaster, customer serivice person and photo editor. Since the death od my brother, she edits our videos too. I haven’t seen her since January of 2012. She is missed.


Thanks to you all.


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