Social Obligations




Social Obligations


Serenity Rayne and Nicki





Nicki is rapidly becoming aware that his young wife needs a firm hand. Today, the family is required to be a part of the opening ceremony for the opening of the new wing at the hospital. Unfortunately, Serenity had been out with her friends rather late the night before, so when it was time to get up and get ready for the important event, she whined and didn’t want to go.
After a few minutes of trying to reason with her, Nicki decided that his bride required a good spanking to motivate her with regards to this very important social obligation.
Once Nicki had finished giving Serenity her spanking, he learned that her attitude still required adjusting. He made her bend over the bottom of the bed and in that position the bratty young girl was given ten whacks with the paddle. She then showed proper remorse. Nicki then decided that his love needed a little tenderness and applied a soothing cream to her sore bottom; It turned out that they were late to the event, anyway.



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Now a few stills from the movie



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Aftercare & more

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