Some business and wonderful irony






This is one of those times I wish that more people read this blog.

To reiterate :

Due to issues beyond our control, we can not process credit cards in the usual way. However, we can process credit cards via our Videos4Sale store.

If you do not see the DVD that you wish to purchase there, just email

We are working towards ameliorating this issue as soon as possible, but this could mean the re-engineering of this part of our site and the need for a new cart.

All of our DVDS can be purchased by mail-order.

PB Productions
PO Box 413
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This bank wanted a ridiculous amount of money to continue with servicing our customers.


Now the good folks at clips4sale took the present time to do upgrades making posting pictures difficult.


As they have nothing to do with the processing of the DVDS, feel free to buy. I will process them.



New DVDS available


1. Cyberpunk Punished



Penny Stone, Audrey Michael Valentine and David Pierson

digital1-5 digital1-6 digital1-7




Three Strikes




Mandie Rae, Audrey, Michael Valentine and David Pierson


concerned1-1 concerned1-2 concerned1-3




The Discipline of Cadence



Cadence Lux, Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine



date1-6 date1-7 date1-8 date1-9 date2-1


On the irony front.

Today, on our clips4sale store we sold several video featuring Erica Corvina. Why is that ironic? Because she will be returning to PB very soon. I probably shouldn’t say PB, because it is a co-production with JBE . ( Joelle Barros Enterprises ) She had contacted me a bit ago about returning. You would believe how often  I am contacted by many of the, now retired, stars of the spanking media, only to have it not happen. I’ve learned not to take such offers too seriously.

She was resistant so you will see the return of Miss Corvina very soon.



Here are pics from Erica in  “Office Decorum ‘ with Veronica doing the spanking.



od1 od2 od4 od5 od6 od7





od 8



I think she will make a good match for Joelle










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4 Responses to “Some business and wonderful irony”

  • Brian:

    Excellent news on Erica’s return!

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I guess change is expected, eh? I watched the first part of Laci’s surprise. Typically, I watch the first part and then wait until the full vid is up. I guess it is more tantalizing that way. Ya think?

    It will be interesting to see Erica back. With Joelle, how can it go haywire?

  • Tim:

    Yes nice to see her again ,soon,best,Tim.

  • admin:

    I’m excited about this.