Some pics that you never see, but should





I hope you all had a terrific Christmas and I hope you all have an amazing Boxing Day. I actually had a great time with my family. The Champagne didn’t hurt.




For every picture that you see, there are many more that you didn’t. Miss Pandora and I edited last night’s update. A story that I think featured amazing maternal discipline.


Audrey and Adriana have been going back and forth about this scene on Twitter,


Adriana: Look at the abuse from mean mommy

Audrey: Yeah, you made me go all 1950’s on your ass.


Truth be told, that is what we were going for. Boy did we( and Adriana) get that!


I know that in the ‘ Six Scenes Of Spanking’ shoot I took 1195 frames. Clearly you won’t get to see that vast majority of them,


Here are a few that you didn’t see last night.



IMG_7557_edited IMG_7575_edited IMG_7591_edited IMG_7596_edited IMG_7605_edited IMG_7609_edited IMG_7612_edited IMG_7614_edited IMG_7616_edited






Never sure what to do with those we don’t present. Some are amazing, but choices need to be made.



Spanking of mean mommy, here she is getting spanked naked by our new webmaster. A very hot scene. None of these pics have been seen before.


257_edited 259_edited 266_edited 280_edited 286_edited


340_edited 357_edited



290_edited 292_edited 306_edited


Even here I had to make choices. I store everything. The scene with Adriana was focused on painful discipline. The scene with Audrey and Pandora, I was going fot the sexy. Tell me what you think. These are just hot Christmas presents .

Over time, I may just look through our library to find forgotten frames.










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