Some quick thanks and fun with Veronica




Thanks to all of your for voting for us on the poll. I am very grateful to have been awarded the silver medal. Truthfully, I wasn’t hoping to win for me, but I had hoped that ‘Further Regression ‘ would take best long form video.  I know what Adriana put into that shoot.  She knows how I feel about it.





Should you be so inclined you can vote for us as most improved website.



Our Holiday DVD sale will end New Years day and we’ve done well. It started slow but picked up quite a bit.

New Principal is doing very well. The prices are very low so check them out while you can.


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So here is some fun with Veronica. While spanking V is all business. However she knows how to keep it loose between scenes. It is infectious.





vlicks1 vlicks2






I think Cadence needed that..she cried through the scene.






I think she was comparing Penny’s mohawk to her public hair.



penny4 penny5


we needed to chloroform V















Well thank you for the support in 2014. Thanks to mr precocious brats as well.



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