Spanking: My Philosophy

The other day I posted a few pics to Fetlife. ( you can find my page at

 One lovely woman commented on this pic.


” I love the intesity”.  My prefereance for spanking can be described at controlled intensity.  I am a born lover of spanking. Was always part of me.  I am in no way critcal of those who think differently than I.  There are many variations on this theme.

To me, spanking is about punishment.  Punished by pain, punished by the humiliation of having one’s bottom exposed. The very essence of power exchange.  I believe that a spanking delivered by sentence should always be on the bare. It is both humiliating to the naughty one about to be spanked, it is also safer. I have a book that contains instructions for caning and strapping in a girl’s reformatory from the 1940’s. It instructs for safety’s sake, these punishments were to be administered to the bare buttocks.

I spanked my first girl when I was 14. We both should have been in class. I attended one of those private schools with the most amazing uniforms.  A spanker’s dream. I will call this girl Mary, because, well, that was her name. We had planned to make out. She said something bratty. I threatened to spank her. ” You wouldn’t dare!”, she relied with a laugh. I dared and spanked her, lifting her skirt, then lowering her panties. It wasn’t the first time I lowered her panties, but prior to this it had been for other things.

When I started PB, I had planned on shooting disciplinary stories that were of my experience or emanated from my perverted mind.  For the good, I had to compromise on my vision of what punishedbrats was to be once it became a three person team.

  My brother did not share my beliefs. He was a bit disturbed by the intensity of my spanking style.  I liked spanking girl’s who have earned a spanking, he preferred to stress their innocence and focus on things comedic. 

I don’t think I do comedy well. Not intentionally anyway.

  One thing that I learned rapidly, it that spanking on camera needs to be  done differently than at regular play. I found my on camera voice by saying nothing. One day Pixie and I were arguing about something. I remember she said. ” I don’t want a lot of talking, just spank me!’. Of course we were talking about a scene. Then it hit me, I will say nothing. Our video, ‘The Anxiety Of The Girl Waiting’ has no words other than Pixie’s plaintive cries. It is my favorite video. It sat in the can for a year.  My brother and I worked for ages on the edit. We found a piece by Eric Satie that worked to well with the visuals. Chloe Elise contributed a terrific idea. Shoot the opening in a manner just slightly slower than real time. That made it work for me.





When spanking in a serious manner or on camera I spank without talking. If I need to chastise, I stop spanking, say when I need to, and then grow silent and resume spanking.

 For over a year now I have been directing the material. Pixie and I write the scripts . I shoot the video. She edits.

 Truth be told, I’d rather be in front of the camera spanking . This is especially true when we have major players onset such as:



                              Dixon Mason




       Piper Hill

To be honest, I have done a lot of spanking over the past year, but none have been planned. Veronica has had a rough year. She’s had to cancel several times due to an injury. So, I stepped in.





I read on the World Spanking Forum that a gentleman is happy with our newly developed use of more implements.  So 2010.

We are working on a shoot for next week that will be very different.

To see what nastiness we come up next just click on the image below.


2 Responses to “Spanking: My Philosophy”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Interesting post, David.

    Traditionally, spanking was about punishment and for some, such as yourself, it still is. To some extent, it has taken on other characteristics as the whole scene has been explored by us. I am not so much into the punishment angle as I am for just liking it and the pain relief I get from it. (Yes, you heard that right.) I also prefer the fun side and while I am not exactly into role playing myself, right now, I have done some in the past. If I did any now, I would take a top’s view. :-)

  • I understand. As I said, there are many variations on the theme. I shoot spanking erotica. What I think is erotic is the power exchange. It’s the control thing. Its not just the control of the girl, but my internal control. Being proficient at spanking or using implements does not a top make.