Spanking: To bare or not to bare

It is my firm belief that a disciplinary spanking is properly administered on the bared bottom.    The humiliation of a young lady having her bottom exposed for spanking is part of the punishment. Not everyone agrees with me on this. My brother preferred what we call the peel. A spanking starts over clothing, then undies then bare.

 I belive that the video ‘ Anxiety of the Girl Waiting’ is a good example of a firm bare bottom spanking.





 It is almost a universal truth, that  a girl will let out a gasp as her panties are lowered for punishment.


To me tears are a special gift.



Of course these brats cry with good reason.



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       Now to check out our bare bottom spankings just click on the pic of the very sorry girl below.


14 Responses to “Spanking: To bare or not to bare”

  • Alexis Steele:

    No doubt about it, a bare bottomed spanking is as attention getting as they come! :)

    I enjoy both spankings over clothes and straight to bare spankings too. It depends on the type of spanking or “punishment” that’s in store for me so I adapt to either type. When I have a lengthy session, I enjoy a warm up over clothes which progresses to eventual bare bottom. For shoots, I know I’m REALLY in for it and a straight to bare spanking leaves no doubt that I am in TROUBLE! :)

  • Personally I’d vote for ‘the peel’ every time. The point of the journey is to get to a bared bottom, but it’s nice to take some time getting there.

  • tim:

    David i agree with old fashioned girl best wishes,Tim.

  • As I said, not everyone agrees with me. Sometimes I do a modified peel if a girl is marked from a previous scene.

  • Alexis Steele:

    One of THE most sensible things I ever heard came from you in regards to an early bottom baring. To paraphrase you said that the spanker can get an immediate gauge as to how much marking or redness is present as opposed to a fully clothed bottom, where a person could be very marked and bruised and no one would know for sure.

  • So true. The first time I spanked Beverly bacci was a peel. She wasn’t responding to the spanking on her jeans. So….I spanked harder. When her pants came down I was shocked at how marked up she was. Beverly is redhead with fair skin. Bare is better for gauging the spanking and the damage done. Btw: your spanking by pixie is the update tonight.

  • Bobbie Jo:

    I can see what you mean, David. In many ways being able to see what you are doing adds to the safety factor. I do think, though, that a really good top can spank over pants without a lot of marking. I have had that experience with my top. It is all about skill and control. However, I guess there are those who do mark much more easily than others so being able to see what is happening is important.

    I guess I am beginning to get it, eh? 😛

  • tim:

    Alexis you had big spanks from Pixie ,to you David ,best wishes.

  • Mark:

    David, I am usually in your court. Spankings should be on on the bare. (and despite what one of the prominent spanking houses was doing for quite a while, “bare bottom” and “bare cheeks” are not the same, so a thong is NOT a bare-bottom spanking).

    That said, I can certainly enjoy a peel, both as a viewer and as a spanker. There seem to be times that starting a spanking on a naughty girl can be more important than their state of dress or undress. They might need some bottom warming over their clothes to make them complaint enough to remove their panties without major effort on the spanker.

  • Dan:

    Baring is a requirement, not an option.

    A real punishment in my opinion has three requirements – one, the spanking is given on the bare bottom from start to finish, two, the spanking is hard enough and long enough to produce tears and three, corner time is administered after the spanking (and occasionally before).

    I prefer to pull down the girls’ pants and underwear while she stands before me. She is not allowed to cover up and must stand there exposed while I lecture her. Recently, I’ve taken to using more full nudity for added embarrassment. As someone who occasionally switches, I fully understand how it feels to stand naked in front of someone who is fully dressed and about to spank you.

  • Sometimes I like to have them lower their own panties. I am trying a variety of things as the director. I occasional do a peel if the girl is aleady marked.

  • Mo:

    As with above comments, I like to see a woman have to pull down her pants and get herself into position. The embarrassment factor is a key part of the punishment, and is best (in my view) when she is fully dressed, except for her bottom being bare and her genitalia hanging out. I also like to see her trying to stay in position, but eventually losing her composure and the spanking being delayed a few times while she gets back into position. I don’t really go for the “peel” thing.

  • I did much of that during our last shoot with Dixon Mason and Beverly Bacci