Spanks For The Memories: Audrey’s Birthday Spankings In Her Birthday Suit



Audrey’s Birthday Spankings in her Birthday Suit




Audrey, David Pierson, Adriana Evans and Dominic King








On the day we shot this special series it was Audrey’s birthday. She had the idea of receiving birthday spankings in her birthday suit. So I, Mr. Pierson, led off and spanked Audrey for two minutes. Then, she was over Adriana’s lap for two minutes. I know you will love this.



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Now a few stills from the movie




birthdayvg1-1 birthdayvg1-2 birthdayvg1-3 birthdayvg1-4 birthdayvg1-5 birthdayvg1-6 birthdayvg1-7 birthdayvg1-8 birthdayvg1-9 birthdayvg1-10 birthdayvg1-11 birthdayvg1-12 birthdayvg1-13 birthdayvg1-14 birthdayvg1-15


Here is the video preview




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By the way, The Audrey series was edited by our old friend Miss Susan, now an accomplished film maker.


I love this scene and the series. Audrey took the material and just made it her own. In the case of this video, she tossed out the scripted story all together.  In a way Audrey’s Birthday spanking is a birthday gift for me. Today is my 62nd birthday.    I think you’ll love this video. It’s different, fun and sexy.


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One Response to “Spanks For The Memories: Audrey’s Birthday Spankings In Her Birthday Suit”

  • Tim:

    Beautiful young Audrey receives a sound Birthday spanking on the 28th your Birthday and mine and we Birthday boys love it oh yes ,best Tim .