Special Parking



Special Parking


Amber Pixie Wells, Lilly Anna and Veronica Bound




A Found and enhanced, never-before-seen, Pixie Classic.


Pixie and Lily Anna had parked in a space reserved for those with special needs. This town has severe penalties for dealing with this. Officer Veronica noted that they could be given a large fine or in lieu of that, three weekends in jail or accept a paddling from officer Veronica on the spot. They chose the paddling and soon regretted this decision.


park2 park3 park4 park5 park6 park7 park8 park9 park10 park11 park12 park13 park14 park15 park16 park17




Week two of our Pixie expedition. My thanks to joe and Sally for encouraging me to show the unseen Pixie material.  Makes you miss her doesn’t it?


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