Speeding: a cautionary tale








Audrey and Michael Valentine







Party girl, Audrey, was confronted by her father over her driving habits. She has been driving recklessly and had been given several citations, none of which she paid. When her father addressed this with her he found her insouciant attitude upsetting. Soon Audrey found herself over her father’s lap for a hard lesson in driving safety.

At first Audrey was indignant at being taken over her father’s lap and having her bottom exposed for punishment. With just a few smacks from her father’s large and powerful hands, the spoiled brat tearfully promises to be good and begs for the discipline to stop. At the conclusion of her spanking, Audrey is placed in the corner, her bottom on display, to contemplate the seriousness of her poor behavior. Audrey places her sunglasses on to hide her tears and humiliation.





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One Response to “Speeding: a cautionary tale”

  • Tim:

    Young Audrey is in trouble with her parent so its a sound spanking otks for the little minx but nice girl ,best,Tim.