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As many of you know, the past few months I’ve been using as a barometer as whether to continue PB or to close the website .  We had been doing better for a bit of time and our membership numbers gradually increased.  Unfortunately the sales of the past two weeks have been nothing short of awful. Today being the worst of the worst. Yes, Piracy is a part of the issue but I’m beyond caring about them. I pay people to track them down.  Punishedbrats is one of the most pirated website on the net.   All I can say is ” fuck you to the pirates and fuck you deeper and harder ” to those who avail themselves on their stolen material.



I was leaning towards continuing after December, but I can’t do this without support.  A membership with us is just $17.00 for a recurring membership. That is ridiculously low. If this week ends as the trajectory indicates then I will have an announcement about our fate next week.


If the decision is to close , everyone will be notified well in advance. The earliest I could turn off the lights is April if I am forced into this  by the end of December . I can tell you that it is early Thiursday morning and right now we have taken in what we should have made by Monday. That’s not good. Bills to pay etc. This isn’t anyone’s problem but mine. Just keeping everyone informed.

17.00 for 30 days – recurring membership
$22.00 for 30 days – non-recurring
$50.00 for 90 days – non-recurring


Beautiful Brats
Thousands of Photos
Thousands of Videos

MP4 and WMV formats

Updated 3 Times A Week


I always post this so illustrate the value  of what you get.


I just needed to say this.




3 Responses to “Stake Holder Information”

  • From what I’ve read…there was a huge breach of windows live and playstation network users credit card data. 500k accounts were compromised. Merchant accounts are scrubbing extra hard because of this. Could be a factor here?

    I really hope you keep the doors open and keep putting out the same amazing content!

  • Tim:

    David I very much hope P.B. can carry its so much part of peoples lives as spanos certainly mine ,have you thought of putting the membership up a bit to trevail costs ,best from ,Tim.t