Star Brats Profiles- Andy San Dimas

Many of today’s stars started with us. Amber Pixie Wells, Lily Anna, Chloe Elise; Sarah Gregory and Charlie Skye to name but a few. Today I wanted to talk about Andy San Dimas. I remember getting an email from this adorable girl from Baltimore. Just nineteen year old at the time.  I am always cautious when hiring girls to the low side of twenty. When we spoke on the phone she was amazing. We hired her straight away. I remember from her first shoot that Andy cried like a little girl and sucked her thumb when spanked. We adored her from the beginning. One day, over lunch, she talked about getting her last spanking by her father at eighteen. She came from a very religious family.

 One time Andy and her girlfriend arrived at the hotel very late. She was bushed the next day. We put her and the girlfriend in a bed room and let them sleep and shoot her material near days end. We were saddened when she moved to Minnesota to follow her boyfriend. We were even more surprised when we learned that Andy had become an “A” list porm star in LA. She is the XBIZ performer of the year for 2010.  That girl has came a long way in but a few years. When she was first to shoot with us she didn’t known what to call herself. Today, Andy San Dimas is a major star.






 The Andy San Dimas Spanking Collection can be found on out site at

 I am ofter asked if I would hire Miss San Dimas is she were available. I always say, ” in a heartbeat, but I probably can’t afford her’. Yannick Ngakoue Womens Jersey

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