Starting Over




Starting Over


Kitty Catherine and Audrey





Audrey had been asked by her parents to care for her younger sister who was out of control and heading for serious trouble. Audrey had always been properly disciplined as a child while her sister ran wild. Audrey was given total control over her sister including her finances.

This gave Audrey the leverage she needed to deal with Kitty as she saw fit. Since Kitty missed out on the limit setting that proper parenting would have given her, Audrey had the idea that staring over would be just what little sis needed. Shortly after arriving at Audrey’s house, Kitty was instructed that she had lost all of her young adult privileges and would be treated as a child.

Taken upstairs, her adult clothes were removed, her pubic hair shaven, and then dressed in a manner appropriate for a five year old. After being placed in time out for an hour, Kitty found herself over her sister’s lap for a spanking.

Kitty was spanked hard by big sister Audrey with her frilly panties down until tears ran down her face and snot came leaking from her nose. After her spanking, Kitty was made to sit upon the hard bench upon which she was spanked to sit in time out.

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Now a few stills from the movie


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Well the last few days were unusual here on the eastern USA.  We got hit with snow and the strangest wind storm I’ve ever seen. Our property took significant damage with some very large trees now on the ground. We had no power until early yesterday and no internet until a few hours ago.

Many in the area are still without power due to downed power lines or trees lying across said power lines.  It will take time to restore D-Town to normal . Well at least I got to bring this amazing update to you.


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