State Of The PB Union

Okay, it was early Sunday morning and I had just had a fight with my wife that in no way was I expecting. I usually see them coming. I will say that I’ve been stressed over PB and my day job.  Some of this has to be involving interpersonal relationships.   My wife expressed the idea that I was taking our personal funds and putting them into Pb.  During the great recession I stated (2011 -2013) I kicked money back into Brats to keep it afloat.  Then I lost a job that I possessed for more than twenty years.  So there was no kicking money in.


This could have something to do with the surgery I had a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been exhausted. I also have felt alone in this operation. This was a project that was conceived by me and brought to life with Amber Pixie Wells,  my brother Rick and me. Since Rick’s death and Pixie’s retirement I’ve been very alone in doing this. In the old days ( like 2010) it wasn’t unusual for me to get a call from Beverly Bacci or Lorraine just to say hi.  In more recent days the phone seems to scare the young of today.


Back to Saturday, during our argument my spouse said ” Just sell the fucking thing” . Exhausted and stressed, I put out a tweet saying that PB was for sale.  I really wish I hadn’t done that. Momentary insanity. PB isn’t for sale, but I am looking for a partner. One who can put some skin in the game ( money or tech talents..both would be great)


I love doing brats. It isn’t for sale. I apologize for causing so much distress among our friends.


Look for some of the new brats coming to our screen.



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  • Tim:

    David no need to apologise you work dashed hard on Punished Brats ,I ve mentioned on Spanking Zone ,best from Tim .