Stealing and the damage done

Last night I went on something of a rant regarding piracy. I was told that it was a bit off putting so i took it down this morning.

The truth is  that piracy is damaging PB beyond words.  I can tell the difference between normal sales fluctuations and when we are ripped off. Six weeks ago we were hit and the result was the worst week of sales in PB history. Last month we could have done nothing, but for Mr. Valentines’ help in co-producing the work that we shot. Since that week sales have been healthy, that is until the week past. I knew we had troubles. Our DMCA folks have been killing the pirated material as quickly as possible.


Honestly , this causes me great pain.  Some ask ” what’s the harm”? Do you see Pixie around here? She edits our videos but does not work as webmaster or photo editor anymore. How is that for harm? Also, I can’t keep trowing money at this. PB needs to break even. If we do that for now, I’m happy.


I’m a very good business man. If this venture was about business I’d have shut down three years ago. It more than that to me.


I’ve been very happy as of late. We’ve shoot terrific material and you have responded. It is unfortunate that some like to get their spank on for free. Free doesn’t pay for our hosting, it doesn’t pay our brats nor does it pay our new webmaster.


Here is but one of a group of files that came down tonight from one site




Specified files that were reported are deleted.

This is but one of many. For those of you who enjoy the art of Erik AKA Funbun, to our dismay , we learned that he is a member of many pirate sites. I confronted him at the time. Haven’t heard from him since. Don’t know if he’s well or not.


Remember, the above is but one of many. We have caught two pirates thus far.


As I’ve said, we try to keep our site accessible to everyone. We haven’t raised prices ever. You can find our videos on clips4sale and DVD.


To me this is painful. We should have enough support from our friends to break even.


On my end, needing to stress about money to carry on is getting tedious.


I love this. Since Pixie departed there isn’t a night that I’m in bed before 0500. I now edit the pics, write copy and promote. In truth, I’ve been a one man band for the better part of three years. My brother died and Pixie got sick. Just my luck, just as she’s well enough to perform on camera again, she needed to leave.


I thank my new collaborators Mr, Valentine and Audrey, along with our new brats . Pandie, Mandie , Cadence and Penny.



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6 Responses to “Stealing and the damage done”

  • Tim:

    These blasted people doing this to cause damage to my friends sites ,best from ,TIm.

  • Tim:

    Is this why Pixie started a new blog ,it was good that she was in new ones at P.B.recently .

  • Yeah, pixie is in our family still. She came to my rescue a Lorenza of late. She started a new bog to promote her lily ana and pixie activity . Spanking was always her’s to use. It was to have been for a spin off website of her own. Instead she made a blog out of it.

  • Todd:

    $17 a month. $17. You can’t even attend two movies these days at that price. That’s pocket change. I just can’t comprehend the mentality of pirating from PB. It’s far easier just to pay that trifling fee and get easy access to all their files than to spend the time and trouble trying to search out pirate files.
    I was a member of PB regularly from almost the beginning, up until about three years or so ago when I felt the site changed its style and philosophy to something that was more like the more hardcore sites I have no use for (although I guess they felt they had to make this change because it is what most people want, sadly). But while I was a member I thought the $17 a month was the greatest bargain on the spanking web.

  • Tim:

    Todd I do not believe P.B. is hardcore ,it is tasteful ,and great value ,I enjoy the blogs that David and Pixie run it keeps it personal for the members to contribute and leave comments ,David best from ,Tim.

  • admin:

    Todd, We do discipline spanking. Our philosophy is that the intensity of the spanking needs to be proportionate to the infraction. We follow safe and sane practices .