Sugar & Spice : Playmates






Ava Little, Chloe Noir and Audrey






Ava was sent to Audrey’s house for a play date with Chloe. When Mommy-Audrey went to call Ava’s mommy to let her know that she arrived, both girls talked and found that their stories were precisely the same. Both were very young wives caught by their mothers-in-law in the arms of another man and now forced to live as little girls and subject to many humiliations. After returning, Audrey noted that Ava needed her bath. She was taken upstairs, her clothing removed and placed in the tub. When Mommy-Audrey went to wash Ava’s most private places she pulled away. She was taken from the tub and marched into the bedroom and spanked on her wet bottom.
Ava was spanked until Mommy Audrey was sure that little Ava had learned her lesson. Once the spanking was completed, the naked girl was placed on display in the corner, her bottom nearly as red as her hair.

Chloe wondered what had happened to her playmate and walked into the bedroom. Upon seeing Ava standing in the corner, freshly bathed and spanked, she thought it best if she made a hasty retreat. Mommy Audrey stopped her from leaving, noting that she had gotten a call from school and she was not applying herself. This had earned her a spanking. This was especially humiliating to her as this punishment was to happen with Ava in the room.
After a long, bare bottom spanking, Chloe promised to be an obedient little girl. She was then placed next to Ava and they both stood in the corner with their red bottoms exposed.




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Now a few stills from the movie


playmates-avavg1-1 playmates-avavg1-2 playmates-avavg1-3 playmates-avavg1-4 playmates-avavg1-5 playmates-avavg1-6 playmates-avavg1-7 playmates-avavg1-8 playmates-avavg1-9 playmates-avavg1-10 playmates-avavg1-11 playmates-avavg1-12 playmates-avavg1-13 playmates-avavg1-14 playmates-avavg1-15 playmates-avavg2-1 playmates-avavg2-2 playmates-avavg2-3 playmates-avavg2-4 playmates-avavg2-5 playmates-avavg2-6 playmates-avavg2-7 playmates-avavg2-8 playmates-avavg2-9 playmates-avavg2-10 playmates-avavg2-11





playmateschloevg1-1 playmateschloevg1-2 playmateschloevg1-3 playmateschloevg1-4 playmateschloevg1-5 playmateschloevg1-6 playmateschloevg1-7 playmateschloevg1-8 playmateschloevg1-9 playmateschloevg1-10 playmateschloevg1-11 playmateschloevg1-12 playmateschloevg2-1 playmateschloevg2-2 playmateschloevg2-3 playmateschloevg2-4 playmateschloevg2-5 playmateschloevg2-6 playmateschloevg2-7 playmateschloevg2-8 playmateschloevg2-9 playmateschloevg2-10 playmateschloevg2-11 playmateschloevg2-12



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