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If you value the programs that we bring you it is time to support PBS. Give until it hurts .( At at least funds us to hurt a brat) We are a bit behind on our goals for the week. ( shoot me..please!)

Where else can you see videos such as:

Room Inspection


Dame Julie Simone and Gianna Love

Ms. Simone finds cookies and racy magazines in Gianna’s dorm room during a routine room inspection. Neither snacks nor inappropriate media are allowed in the girls’ room. Gianna, still dressed in her pajamas, is dragged into Ms. Simone’s office for a hairbrush spanking.

The heavy wooden hairbrush leaves Gianna’s bottom sore and well marked. As if that weren’t enough punishment, she’s made to kneel in the corner and watch helplessly as Ms. Simone samples her cookies.


This production has been favorably compared to Charles Dickens ‘Bleak House’ but with spanking. How can you top that?


Or this production of ‘ Family Business’. In this BFTA Award winning series we presented the first part of the episode entitled ‘Role Reversal’.

This features the talents of Pi ( who doesn’t love 3.14?) and the Brazilian bombshell, Joelle Barros.

Joelle mishandled company money and it’s Pi that steps in to correct the situation. Of course Pi isn’t about to let Joelle go unpunished after she’s been on the receiving end so many times. Pi takes a small leather paddle to her cousin’s bottom to make sure she’s learned her lesson.





We have also featured the critically acclaimed romantic comedy


Public Relations



Audrey and Perth


Our most recent episode was called ‘Seeking Attention’.

Celebrity personal trainer is at his wits end with his new PR rep Audrey. When she’s caught texting instead of completing the assignments he’s given her, he tosses her over his knee and gives her bottom a thorough spanking.

Adapted from American Television by John Wells.

( Not really..please don’t sue us! He did adapt the British program Shameless for the US market)



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