Support Your Local Spanking Company: a few words of explanation

 That you all for the response to my posting of last night. I just want to say that our situation is not unique.  Many, all, in our industry are not doing as well as they once did. We understand that the economy is not on secure footing as yet.  However, that being said, if you value a site they and we need your support. The unsteady economy leads many to seek their spanking fix in the pirate boards. So much of my times goes to this. Sarah, of often alerts me to the presence of our material on a board. This activity may put us all under.


 I look at the prices of many sites in the spanking world and I see that the prices are usually reasonable. When we have weeks such as the one past, my thoughts are ” Christ, would $17.00 kill ya?!”.


Questions that came in overnight:

1. Am I upset with Pixie? Not at all. Despite her inability to be onset she has been writing terrific material and her editing of our video  is terrific. I trust her judgement so much that she often posts new material before I’ve seen the edits.

2. A very nice person named Ellen said” I’ve always wondered why producers don’t listen to their fans? Those who read this blog know that we actively seek your ideas and feedback. I end my posts by saying that if you have comments or ideas you can reach me at

or you can reach me on Twitter


3. A few have suggested we lower costs: Already done that and looking at other areas to cut. Recently negotiated a lower rate for hosting.


I am just hoping for better days. I love PB. This is a labor of love. I’d just be happy to beak even while performing this labor. Cam Newton Womens Jersey

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