Survival in the post-modern age

I thought we were so in tuned with the postmodern ethic when we opened punished brats as a pay site in June, 2006 .  Frankly , I was shocked by how well we did in our first few years.



Now the other day I posted this





and fuck me sideways if it wasn’t posted on a pirate site twenty minutes later.



I am all in favor of the free market. If that market decided we sucked and our sale declined then I could deal with that. Unfortunately, this has nothing to do with  fair and  but   and the want of  others to get free adult material.  PB is the most pirated website on the net, despite all of the software that I’ve installed to stop it. That has to do with the amount of material on the site.


Here is the deal, I’ve just enlisted a marketing firm to improve sale. If this doesn’t work then PB goes away. I’m not dealing with fluctuating support .


It’s not that I will  not go away but Punishedbrats will, all ten years . If my material shows up on any site I will go after that site. PB is not Nu-West, after it’s owner died it has hit the pirate sites and so-called free site like crazy.


Look, I’ve kept this site affordable for more than a decade . I was very sure that PB was going to close near year end in 2014.


It was during our shoot with Joelle that I thanked both my current and recent crew and  espically Veronica. I noted that I didn’t know what the future woukd hold, but I’d not conitue if our finaces continued to suck. Surprisingly sales imprived over the holidays and then was off and on through  March . Then vast amouts of piracy .


Deal is if this doesn’t change we just go away.  This stuff isn’t free. It costs me money to produce.



If you like PB then support us and report the pirates to me.


Otherwise PB goes away and I re-emerge  in a format not so easily ripped off.  Do I want that, No, no I don;t. This was a special project lauched by me, my brother Rick and Pixie. To me it would feel as if another death occured  in my family .


As i’ve said, if we sucked no one would  want to steal our material .


Here is the deal, do not support the pirate like Funbun does or did. Erik frequented the free site, pirate sites and this fucker was given lots of access to all of the websites.

If you don’t like spanking then we aren’t your cupa . If you like what you see then spend the $17,00/month


Hell Mc Donalds cost more John Kelly Jersey

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  • Tim:

    David if I see any blog usung your content without your permission ill let you know using ,Spanking Tube is alright isn’t it ? ,best wishes Tim .