Sweet Little Lorraine

It was about a year ago when Lorraine contacted us.  We were all impressed right from the beginning.  She looks so young I checked her ID very carefully. In truth, Lorraine is a college grad. ( Early) She is highly intelligent, funny and creative. She has a bottom the cries out to be spanked. My friend Penny Birch once wrote, “There is something about a girls bottom that simply cries out for chastisement; partly the beautiful shape, but mainly, I think, the fact that a woman’s bottom exhibits her sexuality in a way that brooks no denial.” I think that says it all.

Lorraine is a young lady of many looks. During her first shoot with us she looked like this.

And she does the Tom Boy thing well too.


She was referred to us by Angelina. ( Pic taken by Michael Diamond)

We have big plans for Sweet Little Lorraine.

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