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Punished Brats – Where spoiled brats get the spankings they deserve

Punishedbrats is undergoing something of a transition. For those of you who don’t know, our company has been a team of three. In the beginning, ( how biblical) there was me. I had a vision of putting on video my punishment fantasies. I am a disciplinary spanker for whom the role play is the thing.  My brother, a professional videographer, photographer and editor agreed to shoot for me the. Then the question was whom to shoot?  As I pondered this question, I received an email from a lovely girl with curly blon hair. She wanted to know if I could direct her towards a spanking production company. That girl was Amber Pixie Wells. ( just Pixie then). She sent me a CD of some amateur video she shot. This girl was the real deal. She lived the spanking lifestyle.

It was on July 2, 2005 when PunishedBrats was born. I must have given Pixie twelve hard spankings that day. We all got on famously. I knew from the beginning that Pixie was special.  When I learned that Pixie was also a talented web designer, all the better.

So there I was surrounded by talent. My brother Eric Blair-Brown, a master at the visual arts, and Pixie our star and webmaster and me….oh yeah, it was my money. I knew I played a role in there somewhere.

This year was a particularly difficult one for us. In March, Pixie fell ill and her talents were lost to us until her triumphant return in June where, for the first time Pixie topped, much to the chagrin of Mischa and Ashley Graham. Pixie spanks as she likes to be spanked…HARD!


Pixie spanking Ashley

Pixie spanking Mischa

Pixie spanking Mischa on her bare bottom









I am more than grateful for Pixie’s return. Unfortunately, in July, my brother had fallen ill.  So it has been up to Pixie and me to carry on the PB mantle. We can not replace my brother’s expertise or counsel but Miss Pixie and I have worked hard to create a new ethic for PB. Perhaps a little edgier? Pixie and I both focus on the disciplinary nature of spanking.

Our first joint effort was released this week. It is the first in a four part series entitled Aunt Veronica’s Rules. I wrote it and Pixie was the lead director. The production featured Lorraine Little and Veronica Bound.

Part one is entitled “Setting the Limits”. I’m very proud of this work.  For once, Pixie and I worked behind the scenes. I think she did a terrific job in the editing this video.

Lorraine Setting Limits Lorraine Setting Limits – part 2


I love what I do at Punished Brats.



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