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Update Lorraine Aunt Steps In – part 1

Pixie spanking lorraine

Lorraine has always gotten away with her bad behavior because her Aunt Amber was too close in age to convincingly discipline her. But Amber has decided she needs to be the responsible one and takes the little brat over her knee.

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Preview pics from Recent Shoot

Narration by Pixie

Lily and I got a chance to spank sweet Lorraine …



? ?

But not to worry. We didn’t get away unspanked ourselves
?Stay Tuned to for more.

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March 4, 2011 Lorraine Shift Change – part 2

Lorraine Corner time

Lorraine in the corner after a real bottom warming

Poor Lorraine has a very sore bottom after a well deserved spanking. Click on the image to see more Ricardo Allen Jersey