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Update Lorraine Aunt Steps In – part 1

Pixie spanking lorraine

Lorraine has always gotten away with her bad behavior because her Aunt Amber was too close in age to convincingly discipline her. But Amber has decided she needs to be the responsible one and takes the little brat over her knee.

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PB Update April 8, 2011 Pixie Perfume Girl – part 1

Veronica spanks pixie

Veronica spanking Pixie

Pixie is an overly enthusiastic perfume salesgirl intent on making her commission this month. She gets a little too aggressive with store shopper Veronica when she sprays her with a sample despite her protests. Pixie is soon the one protesting when she finds herself over Veronica’s knee.

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PB update April 4, 2011 Dia Zerva Out Of Line – part 1

Dia Zerva spanked by David PiersonFresh mouthed Dia insulted David’s important client’s wife and shows absolutely no regret. She even tells David what he ought to have said himself. Dia quickly finds himself over David’s lap for a lesson in manners.

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pb update March 30, 2011 Tina Tink Project Revenge – part 1

Tina Tink and Veronica Bound mother daughter spankingTired of her classmate, Tina Tink, making her do all the work on their team project, Amanda plots a little revenge. She suggests to Tina’s mom that her daughter could use a good spanking. And much to Tina’s dismay, her mom agrees. Tina’s bottom is spanked to a glowing red as her classmate listens to her howls from the doorway.

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PB Update March 28, 2011 Becca Wedding Planner – part 2

becca brat spanked

How did this happen? Click to find out!

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