Tall Tales: A Found Pixie Video



This is a found video featuring Amber Pixie wells, Beverly Bacci and myself. I can tell by the subject matter that it was written by my brother. His vision of Punishedbrats was that each video was like a 1950’s sitcom in which the girl got spanked in every show.






Pixie had gotten into trouble by texting in class and was trying to tell her friend Beverly that she didn’t have a problem in dealing with Dean Pierson as she had him wrapped. Beverly knew better and asked for the real story. The truth was that Pixie was given a bare bottom spanking and paddling.


Not sure how much longer we will be presenting these little gems. To me they bring up so much emotion . I do believe that we are looking towards the future

We are mainly concentrating on our feature of the week. Most of our movie run ten minutes or longer. We showed this week’s main feature as Monday’s update. No more little clips just full movies. We will never abandon our old material epically the Pixie vids. One way or the other you will¬† have access to it if you are a member. Speaking of member’s time is ticking down on our summer sale. I expect this to end on Sunday night.

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3 Responses to “Tall Tales: A Found Pixie Video”

  • Mo:

    Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I like the idea of the 1950s style show, where a girl suffers the indignity of having to submit of being spanked with her pants pulled down in every episode.