Tardy For Shoot part 1



Tardy For Shoot-part 1


Audrey and Skyler Grey






Audrey was late for an 11am call time, wondering how in the world she was supposed to function at such an ungodly hour of the day. Today, she was to shoot for the formidable Skyler Grey. When the powerful artist couldn’t motivate her model to get ready with words, she knew of another form of encouragement that would work. She bent Audrey over the island in the kitchen, lowered her panties, and gave the entitled model a hard spanking.



tardy1-2 tardy1-3 tardy1-4 tardy1-5


Now a few stills from the shoot



tardyvg1-1 tardyvg1-2 tardyvg1-3 tardyvg1-4 tardyvg1-5 tardyvg1-6 tardyvg1-7 tardyvg1-8 tardyvg1-9 tardyvg1-10 tardyvg1-11 tardyvg1-12 tardyvg1-13 tardyvg1-14 tardyvg1-15








I had the best time shooting this series.  Written by Audrey and Skyler, we had a great time. Poor Audrey was rather sore right from the beginning as Skyler spanks hard.



The above is not a photo, but a frame from the movie. The look in Audrey’s eyes are real.  Spanking of Audrey, I need to thank her for pushing me to shoot differently. We used different places and angles at the house which made me work harder but shoot differently. We got great lighting shooting in the kitchen.

Well I know you will love this series

Here is the preview video





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