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A Few days ago I finally got to see the edits for the series ‘Affection Rivals’ featuring Joelle Barros and Veronica. I’m more that happy with this film.  Joelle has a style unique to her. The way she dresses, speaks and carries herself is all her.  She and Veronica had terrific chemistry too.  In all of the years that I’ve known Joelle, how in the hell has she and V not shot together?






joellepromo1 joellepromo2 joellepromo3



If you click on the photo below you will see the preview video


preview video ..click here

preview video ..click here




The series debuts tomorrow night with ‘ Awkward Introduction’.



In other news I had a very pleasant day shooting at the home of Adriana Evans , Dominic King and guest, Mandie .  There was a bit more drama involved in this shoot than I had known.  We shot on Saturday in their house on top of a steep hill.  Their house reminded me of something that you’d see at the top of Laurel Canyon Drive in LA, but in LA they don’t have snow. I wasn’t that concerned as I grew up driving in snow.

Had I known of the travails suffered by Adriana and Mandie the night before I suspect that I’d have not done the shoot.  So, Adriana and Mandie had a gig on Friday night and on their way home they were hit with Whiteout conditions and were stuck on the road until Mr. King arrived to save the day. Honestly, these kids didn’t get home until 0600.


Mandie had a gig Saturday  night too and she’s been on my mind since. However she really sucks at returning texts and such so I can only hope she is well. It’s a good thing that she’s adorable.


All of that being said, we pulled off a terrific shoot.

You all know Adriana and Mandie, but soon you will know Dominic King . He is a young, highly skilled top. You will be impressed.



Here are a few pics from the shoot





a&m1 A&m2 a&m3 a&m4 a&m5 a&m6 a&m7 a&m8 a&m9



The following pics were shot with my 2nd still cam. This is something of a special treat.



cam2a cam2b cam2c cam2d cam2e cam2f cam2g


My gratitude to all .


On Fetish Movies you can now see the Dvd ‘ Spanking Pixie Volume 1′.














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  • Tim:

    David yes this looks like another great one with the girls and new spanker young Dominic ,best from Tim ,come on more please leave comments here for David and the cute brats .