Thank you for your response




We are so happy by your response to the opening of our ” Three Strikes’ series with Mandie, Audrey, Mr. Valentine and me.


Wait until we get deeper into the series!



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We debuted our new HIdef process. This is a screen grab from the update to illustrate our new look.







Last night I saw the DVDs to both ‘ Three Strikes’  with Mandie, Audrey, Mr. Valentine and me  and ‘Cyberpunk Punished’ with Penny Stone, Audrey , Mr. Valentine  and me.


Here are a few pics from Cyberpunk


IMG_2048_edited IMG_2063_edited IMG_2078_edited IMG_2319_edited IMG_2367_edited IMG_2388_edited IMG_2447_edited IMG_2475_edited IMG_2486_edited IMG_2558_edited IMG_2581_edited IMG_2912_edited IMG_2959_edited IMG_3002_edited


This team has produced two productions that I am more that happy with. My thanks to both Amber Pixie Wells and Mr. Valentine for improving the quality of our videos without breaking the bank, so to speak.


Some think me morbid when I say this, but if I never go on camera again, I’d be more than happy with these two productions being my last.

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