Thank you Kids

I just wanted to thank you all for the kind words sent our way over our most recent updates. Last nights feature entitled ‘ Attention Seeking’ really struck a cord with many. (Well it struck something)





The story if from a series written by Amber Pixie Wells. Miss Wells has been on a creative roll. The only thing that I added was to make the desires of Audrey just a bit less subtle. I remember when I sent Audrey her copy of the story.  Her response was enthusiastic. ” This is great! I get to play an adult as well”.

I like brats of all ages. In some ways, spanking an adult woman of accoplishment is sexier than spanking a yound adult ( all of our girls are over 20 years old) as life spanks the young everyday.

 Let us know what you think about this.

  I thought Audrey looked great in her slighly slutty business attire.  Audrey has a style that many love. Last year she shoot more times with us than anyone save Joelle Barros.

 Speaking of Joelle, soon you will see the premier of a series conceived by a fan, entitled ‘ Health Kick’.


                           ( Both of these photos were taken by my son and edited by Pixie)

 I think, like Audrey, Joelle has a special style and grace. Plus  she takes a damn good spanking.





Joelle loves to travel and spends sometime in South America each year. One day I will have her tell you of her adventuers and loves. While in Brasil a few weeks ago, Joelle fell head over heels for a young man whom she is sure stole money from her. She knew this while they were togther. ” He was just so damn beautiful”, she said.

Stay tuned.

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