Thanks For The Love

 I have to tell you that the response to my post of yesterday did our spirits a world of good. Many of you signed up for memberships and we got lots of emails from our friends, both old and new.

 I don’t want to sound like PBS fundraiser, as I have no tote bags to send, but at this time it is critical for you to support your favorite spanking site or sites. The past few years have been difficult for the entire adult industry with the spanking side being hit even harder.

 At the height of the recession, none of us in the industry were going to ask people for support when many were dealing with issues of employment.

At PB, we just did the best we could. 

For some reason the piracy issue became much worse this year.  These folks threaten the existence of many sites. Until a couple of weeks ago I regarded us lucky. Lots of nuisance sort of postings on boards but nothing major. Then, two weeks ago a hack site gave the world a direct opening to the members section. Many people took advantage. They may think themselves Robin-hoods, but these people are common thrives. They killed our sales to dangerous levels

 Punishedbrats is a site created by people of spanking for other people of spanking. Our girls talk about us as their PB family. Beverly Bacci, Charlie Skye and Veronica all regard PB that way.

 As the ecomomy improves do try and support your favorite site, wheether  is ours or not. ( That had that PBS things didn’t it?)

I am grateful for the support you showed us yesterday.

David Pierson

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