Thanks to all fans of PB

Let me thank all of the fans who contacted me about my posting of last night and earlier today. I also want to thank many of my colleagues too. Special Thanks to Eve Howard of and Sarah of .


Sarah asked a question that has been on my mind for months. Are websites such as something of a bygone era? I do not know the answer to that one. What do you think?


Earlier a fan named Ellen wrote:

OK, as major buyer. I have to ask – why do you ignore a large segment of the market – those who like the harder stuff?
I have bought everything made starring Nikki Rouge from DSH and Kelly Payne.
I have bought many memberships from Realspankings just for Lori clips.
I have bought many memberships from Firmhand just for the Michaela clips.


 I am one of such inclinations myself. When, by necessity, took over creative control of Punishedbrats, the intensity went way up. Some loved it other told me that they lamented the loss of whimsy that was a large part of Punishedbrats. Over the past few months we tried to do a hybrid of the two. Whimsy, with hard spanking.


Let me ask, would you like to see a David Pierson discipline feature? This would be a no nonsense discipline feature. Let me know.


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