That Was The Week That Was at Punishedbrats




Clean Out


Joelle ( The Mogul) Barros and Me



Joelle takes an even more direct approach to changing David’s poor health habits. She throws out his Cuban cigars, tosses his dry aged steaks, and pours nearly all of his liquor down the drain.

Joelle’s clean living campaign is costing her bottom dearly.

clean2-1 clean2-2 clean2-3



                                    clean2-5 clean2-6




The Truth – part 1



Audrey and Perth


Perth can’t understand why Audrey is behaving so poorly endangering her employment. As she’s over his knee for yet another spanking the truth comes tumbling out as she explains her motives.

truth1-1 truth1-2 truth1-3 truth1-4 truth1-5




Mei Mara and Veronica Bound



Mei has left all of the patient files either incomplete or mixed up with one another and it has led to complete chaos in the office. Dr. Veronica takes a paddle to the naughty receptionist’s bottom for the mishap.



Mei is certain to straighten out all of the patient files to Dr. Veronica’s liking after receiving some serious motivation.





misfiled2-1 misfiled2-2 misfiled2-3 misfiled2-4



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