That Was The Week That Was at Punishedbrats



The week that was st Punishedbrats


Faxed Over – part 1
Mei Mara and Veronica Bound


Mei had the important task of faxing patient prescription refills to the pharmacy at the end of the business day. Unfortunately, Mei faxed all of the prescriptions to the office supply company instead leading to much confusion and patients being without their medications. Dr. Veronica is furious and spanks her with a heavy oval paddle to teach her the importance of paying attention to detail.




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The Truth
Audrey and Perth

Perth can’t understand why Audrey is behaving so poorly endangering her employment. As she’s over his knee for yet another spanking the truth comes tumbling out as she explains her motives.


Perth is stunned to find out why Audrey has been behaving so poorly since the day she was hired.




truth2-1 truth2-2 truth2-3 truth2-4 truth2-5 truth2-6

Curiosity – part 1
Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound

Pandora spies a strange object sticking out of one of Veronica’s dresser drawers. She decides to have a little peek when Veronica catches her snooping red handed. Veronica takes one of the straps Pandora has found and lets her experience first hand how it is used.

curiosity1-1 curiosity1-2 curiosity1-3 curiosity1-4 curiosity1-5 curiosity1-6
Interesting week. Two big bottomed girls and one elfin like creature.
Well, that was the week that was:
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Have a great rest of the weekend. Remember it’s a short week . In the USA the 4th of July celebration is this week. Our neighbors to the north celebrate Canada Day. The rest of you, er, well it will be Thursday. ( Canada Day is Monday)








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