That Was The Week That Was At Punishedbrats



Dinner Disaster


Joelle Barros and David Pierson




At a large family dinner, Joelle criticizes many of the attendees for their eating habits causing a very unpleasant atmosphere.

Joelle is spanked with a leather paddle until she recognizes she was in the wrong and agrees to apologize for insulting the other dinner guests.



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Joelle just got back from Brasil.  I told her that I was worried about her.


She replied” Oh that complicated, addicting disaster. I love it, but constant grief.”


We talked of other things but what pleased me most was when she said ” You provided me with all of my maturbation material on”. That is high praise from my friend and power broker to come.


Conflict – part 1



Brittney and David Pierson

( Based on a true story..Okay my wife hit me on the head with a phone a we prepared for our wedding. Full story to come)

August 23, 2013


Brittney is spanked for smacking her fiance with her phone in a fit of rage.



conflict1-1 conflict1-2 conflict1-3 conflict1-4 conflict1-5 conflict1-6



Busted – part 1



Ariel Adore and Miss Sydney


Ariel was caught shoplifting and in the headmistress’ absence, must take her punishment from young teacher Sydney. Her hands are first strapped followed by a handspanking on her bare bottom.


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