That Was The Week That Was at Punishedbrats( New DVDS Too)



Green Drink



Joelle Barros and David Pierson



David returns home after a long day at work to find that Joelle hasn’t ordered the Chinese food they’d planned for dinner. Instead she thrusts a green juice smoothie in his hand and after trying just one sip, David is gagging and wheezing.

It’s only day one and this health kick is proving to be a rather painful endeavor for Joelle.


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Lunch Break


Mei Mara and Veronica Bound



Mei felt entitled to an extra long lunch since Dr. Veronica had kept her overtime the night before. But Dr. Veronica is not at all pleased with the unauthorized break and gives the naughty receptionist a strapping on the spot.

Mei is strapped until her tiny round bottom is blazing red and then left in the corner while Dr. Veronica tries to sort out her backload of patients.




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Rules Change – part 1



Charlie Skye and Veronica Bound



Nearing the end of the Life Swap experience, Charlie informs Veronica how much her rules suck and that things will be a lot different from now on. But Charlie’s demands fall on deaf ears as Veronica spanks her for the rude outburst.


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We’ve just release three new DVDS


Pandora has taken a temporary job as Veronica’s maid. Veronica is a tough, demanding boss with an impressive collection of disciplinary implements. Pandora is in for a difficult employment period.



Pandora Blake and Veronica Bound


See the previews here


Health Kick
Joelle has decided to go on a major health kick and is determined to change her dad David’s bad habits. But she is not as altruistic she appears as Joelle is seeking a little revenge after not being allowed to go on spring break.



Medical Receptionist
Mei heavily padded her resume to get a job as a medical receptionist in Dr. Veronica’s busy office. Now Mei is completely in over her head and the strict doctor is quick with punishment for every infraction.

















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