The 4 a.m. Phone Call- part 1


The 4 a.m. Phone Call – Part 1


Serenity Rayne and David Pierson




Serenity couldn’t sleep and she could not help herself from calling her best friend at 4am to tell her of her amazing date that night. Her loud chatter brought her father into the living room. Speaking or texting on her phone at that hour was strictly forbidden by her father. Additionally, she was not permitted to date without her father’s permission. When confronted by her father, she decided to be brave and sass her father. Before long she found herself over daddy’s lap yet still persisted in giving her father lip despite the hard spanks that landed upon her seat of her pajamas. Her attitude changed rapidly when her PJ bottoms were taken down and her spanking continued upon her now bared bottom



We hope you are all safe and healthy. Also we also hope that you are enjoying our Quarantine Theater feature too. I loved shooting this vid with Serenity.  A Very special talent. Got an idea to shoot something special with her as soon as it is safe.



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