The Ava and Adriana Shoot or how I spent my Saturday

On Saturday I had the great pleasure of shooting with old friends and a new brat.  It was great fun, I have little idea how to tie this up as a story.


Our new brat was Ava Nicole or Ava Panda



She is a lovely and charming young woman. She reminds me of one of Andy Warhol’s ingenues from the early 70’s.



Also it was again my great honor of shooting with superstar Adriana Evans and Dominic King.


These are but random pix I liked.




panda2 panda3 panda4 panda5 panda6



I may have come up with a title for this shoot. ” Discipline and Diapers”?


Perhaps not.


My thanks to Audrey for her help in putting this together. We got started very late  (VERY LATE) and she kept me from reaching for the Klonopin.  So late in fact that we still have a scene to shoot.


Pixie would have killed us all.


I really enjoyed this shoot. I only wish that i knew what we shot.





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