The Best Of Audrey Volume 1



Scene 1: Bedtime Spanking


Audrey and Dominic King






Audrey and Dominic are a married couple. When his spouse gets out of hand, Dominic will spank her. Audrey finds that being disciplined keeps her from misbehaving in the way she did before meeting her firm husband. The two had attended a party in which Audrey had disrespected her husband. Upon their arrival home, Audrey was sent to the corner and instructed to bare her bottom. Once he had calmed, Dominic explained to his lovely bride why he was upset and why she was to be spanked. Audrey was then taken to the chest at the bottom of the bed, and taken over her husband’s lap for a hard bare bottom spanking. As Dominic’s large hand descended time and time again upon her bottom, all Audrey could do was hold on, cry out, and apologize for her behavior when she could get the words out. Once he was convinced that his spouse had learned her lesson, he instructed her to remove all of her clothes and go to bed. She complied, lying on the bed, feeling exposed and alone.



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bedtime2-100 bedtime2-400 bedtime2-700


bedtime2-1 bedtime2-2 bedtime2-3 bedtime2-5 bedtime2-6


Scene 2: The High Cost Of Living




Audrey and Joelle Barros


Audrey was Joelle’s terrible roommate who wasn’t paying her part of the bills. When collection agencies started to call, Joelle threatened to throw her out. Audrey begged not to be made to leave. Joelle decided to give her roommate a little motivation by giving her a hard and humiliating bare bottom spanking. Joelle spanked Audrey until she promised to pay her bills on time. Joelle then placed her roommate in the corner with her bare, red bottom on display to formulate a workable budget.



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Scene 3: Deficit Spending



Audrey and Veronica Bound


Audrey was summoned to see Veronica, the head of the family. She places all of her brother’s wives on a strict allowance. In certain egregious circumstances, consequences can be severe. Audrey had arrived in the expensive outfit she had purchased the day before. She was made to take off all of the clothing including her lingerie. When Audrey was reluctant to part with her panties, she found herself over her sister-in-law’s lap for several hard whacks with Veronica’s hard hand. She then allowed Veronica to remove her panties. She had hoped that would end her humiliation, but soon found herself dancing to the beat of Veronica’s hand landing on her naked bottom. Veronica spanked her naked sister in law until she promised to stay within her budget. As with some others, Veronica, has a way for further humiliating the offender; she will send them home in an hideous frock. In Audrey’s case, she was required to dress in a maid’s uniform and then take the bus home.




spending1-2 spending1-3 spending1-4 spending1-5 spending1-6


Here are a few stills from the movie



spendingvg1-1 spendingvg1-2 spendingvg1-3 spendingvg1-4 spendingvg1-5 spendingvg1-6 spendingvg1-7 spendingvg1-8 spendingvg1-9 spendingvg1-10 spendingvg1-11 spendingvg1-12 spendingvg1-13 spendingvg2-1 spendingvg2-2 spendingvg2-3 spendingvg2-4 spendingvg2-5 spendingvg2-6 spendingvg2-7 spendingvg2-8 spendingvg2-9 spendingvg2-10 spendingvg2-11 spendingvg2-12



From Dark Dance Of The Heart II: The Audrey Complication


Audrey, Bianca Rose and Joelle Barros





Audrey had come into Joelle’s retreat house in the woods unannounced only to find Bianca resting in bed. The tall redheaded told Audrey to leave or she’d hit her. She made a half-hearted attempt at striking the powerful editor from New York and soon found herself pushed onto the bed with Audrey on top. Soon the two were exchanging passionate kisses when Joelle came into the room wielding her crop. Joelle was aware of the attraction between Bianca and Audrey and felt that the best way to break that spell was to thoroughly humiliate her dear friend and editor. It is clear that Joelle and Audrey have a complicated relationship, and it is also clear that relationships of this kind are the only sort that Joelle has. In front of Bianca, Audrey was made to slowly remove all of her clothes, allowed to cover nothing. Audrey protested when she was made to go over Bianca’s lap for a spanking. She protested even more when she was instructed to spread her legs while being spanked, for Joelle’s pleasure. Then Audrey screamed when she felt the powerful hands of Bianca descend upon her. As Audrey screamed from the pain of her humiliating punishment at the hands of the tall redhead, she also felt lost. Joelle told her that she was suffering for the good of their relationship and this helped center her. At the end of her very painful punishment, Audrey was put on display as Joelle and Bianca admired her well punished bottom and tormented her further by rubbing their sharp nails into her tender flesh and exposing her most private of places.


complication1-2 complication1-3 complication1-4 complication1-5 complication1-6 complication1-7 complication1-8 complication2-1 complication2-2 complication2-3 complication2-4 complication2-5 complication2-6 complication2-7



Now a few stills from the movie



complicationvg1-1 complicationvg1-2 complicationvg1-3 complicationvg1-4 complicationvg1-5 complicationvg1-6 complicationvg1-7 complicationvg1-8 complicationvg1-9 complicationvg1-10 complicationvg1-11 complicationvg1-12 complicationvg1-13 complicationvg1-14 complicationvg1-15 complicationvg1-16 complicationvg1-17 complicationvg1-18 complicationvg1-19 complicationvg1-20 complicationvg2-1 complicationvg2-2 complicationvg2-3 complicationvg2-4 complicationvg2-5 complicationvg2-6 complicationvg2-7 complicationvg2-8 complicationvg2-9 complicationvg2-10 complicationvg2-11 complicationvg2-12 complicationvg2-13 complicationvg2-14 complicationvg2-15 complicationvg2-16




She Can’t Drive 65


Audrey and David Pierson






Audrey arrived home as the sun was rising after a night on the town; she was shocked to see her father waiting for her. Audrey, a well-known socialite, had taken her father’s sports car to impress her friends and she found it difficult to control. Unfortunately word got back to her father, who will give his fashionable daughter a tasteful, yet painful spanking. After David gave his socialite daughter a hard spanking for her reckless driving, he threatened her with an even more severe punishment than the one she just received- One beyond Audrey’s tolerance; David threatened to take away her Jaguar and replace it with a PT Cruiser.


drive1-2 drive1-3 drive1-4 drive1-5 drive1-6 drive1-7 drive1-8 drive1-9 drive1-10 drive1-11 drive1-12


drive2-7 drive2-8 drive2-9


drive2-10 drive2-11 drive2-12



Now a few stills from the movie




drivevg1-1_edited drivevg1-2_edited drivevg1-3_edited drivevg1-4_edited drivevg1-5_edited drivevg1-6_edited drivevg1-7_edited drivevg1-8_edited drivevg1-9_edited drivevg1-10_edited drivevg1-11_edited drivevg1-12_edited drivevg1-13_edited drivevg1-14_edited drivevg1-15_edited drivevg1-16_edited drivevg1-17_edited drivevg1-18_edited drivevg2-1 drivevg2-1_edited drivevg2-2 drivevg2-2_edited drivevg2-3 drivevg2-3_edited drivevg2-4 drivevg2-4_edited drivevg2-5 drivevg2-5_edited drivevg2-6 drivevg2-6_edited drivevg2-7 drivevg2-7_edited drivevg2-8 drivevg2-8_edited drivevg2-9 drivevg2-9_edited drivevg2-10_edited drivevg2-11_edited








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