The Bold, Beautiful and Spanked: The Disastrous Dinner Party part 1



The Disastrous Dinner Party part 1


Serenity Rayne and Nicki




Nicki took his lovely new wife to a dinner party held to support his family’s foundation. Unfortunately, Serenity had gotten into an argument with the wife of a major donor. When they arrived home, Nicki attempted to explain matters to his young spouse. When she was in no way sorry for her behavior, she was taken over her husband’s lap for a bare bottom spanking.


dinner1-2 dinner1-3 dinner1-4


Now a few stills from the epic masterpiece


dinnervg1-1 dinnervg1-2 dinnervg1-3 dinnervg1-4 dinnervg1-5 dinnervg1-6 dinnervg1-7 dinnervg1-8 dinnervg1-9 dinnervg1-10 dinnervg1-11 dinnervg1-12 dinnervg1-13 dinnervg1-14




The series is entitled ‘ The Bold, Beautiful and Spanked’. I hope to God that Shadow Lane hasn’t produced a film with that name. Well I do hope that you will support us here at PBS-PunishedBratsSpanking. Thus far this week has been  awful sales-wise. I have plans to open a new site but to do that we need your support.



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