The Complexities Of Discipline



The Complexities Of Discipline


Adriana Evans, Audrey and David Pierson


  1. I Need Your Attention

Audrey and John, the newlyweds, had just left a terrific summer pool party and upon their arrival home they were quite in the mood. During their sexual activities, Audrey noticed that John was rather aggressive that night in his approach to love making. Deep thrusts and hair pulling were the order of that night. Afterwards, as the couple sat talking, Audrey inquired about his lack of tenderness. John noted that he was upset with her flirting with the men at the party, especially his brother. Audrey then let it be known that she felt neglected as all John could focus on was work and she needed attention. John stood up his bride and removed her robe. Audrey thought she was to be penetrated twice in one night hoping for more tenderness this time. Instead, she found herself over her husband’s lap and getting a hard spanking as John instructed that he works so many hours a week to provide for their life together. All Audrey could do was cry out as John gave the brat all of the attention she required.

John spanked his lovely wife until he was certain that she knew not to disrespect him and that she was loved. Once she was let up, Audrey jumped up and down and tried rubbing to minimize the pain from her red hot bottom. Soon, the couple was back on the couch with a second round of sex about to occur.


  1. The New Head of the Family

Audrey became the new head of the family finances after her new husband complained to her about his daughter’s behavior with spending. Audrey knew that Adriana had always been the apple of her daddy’s eyes and she saw this as a way of gaining control of a potential rival in the family’s power structure.

After sending Adriana several notices that she now controlled the finances and that the bratty princess needed to curtail her spending, one day after Adriana made an exorbitant purchase of clothes, she was summoned to a meeting with her new and glamorous stepmother.

Audrey noted that her first major act as head of the family is to relieve Adriana of the clothes she had purchased the day before. When Adriana protested, she was informed that she could either take the punishment or she will be relieved of the support given to her by her daddy. This convinced Adriana to do as Audrey instructed.

She was required to remove all of her clothes, underwear too. Then, the naked brat was required to come over Audrey’s lap for a spanking. The naked girl cried out as she was spanked for a few minutes.

Audrey, feeling that Adriana was still missing the point, instructed the girl to get up and fetch a hairbrush from the other side of the room. As the first blow from the brush landed upon Adriana’s naked bottom, the girl let out a loud shriek.

Adriana was shocked by how much the hairbrush spanking hurt. She knew that she had no choice but to accept the pain and humiliation currently being inflicted upon her by her new stepmother, her father’s trophy spouse. Once the punishment was over, Audrey permitted Adriana to cover her nakedness with one of her kimonos for the ride home.


  1. Credit Counseling – Adriana

Adriana and Audrey needed some money to furnish their high end apartment. As they were dreadful credit riskers they went to the local loan sharks to borrow the money. Instead of paying back the money as they had intended, they lived a lavish lifestyle.

When they got the call from the company from whom they borrowed the money, both their hearts stopped. Both knew there would be consequences to be paid. When they arrived at the offices, instead of having a leg broken or finger removed, they met with a credit counselor that set up a feasible budget for them.

After discussing the budget, the credit counselor noted that he needed to speak with each girl separately. Adriana was chosen to go first. She learned that the punishment for not paying the organization back was a hard bare bottom spanking.

As spank after hard spank landed upon Adriana’s exposed bottom, she promised to pay her bills from this point forward. After her spanking was done, she was instructed to stand and present her red bottom towards the camera. This was something she had been unaware of, and increased her humiliation by a factor of ten.


  1. Credit Counseling- Audrey Pays Her Debt

After Mr. Pierson had finished giving Adriana a very special lesson in finance, Audrey was called in for her tutorial. She couldn’t have been more stunned when informed that she was to be spanked as punishment for not paying this special financial organization what was owed.

She went over Mr. Pierson’s lap and after that first spank landed, Audrey wondered if it would be better to have them take a finger or toe. Then, her bottom was bared much to her horror. Now, her punishment began in earnest as spank after hard spank landed upon her naked bottom. At this point, all Audrey could do was plead and cry.

Before her spanking, Audrey confirmed to Mr. Pierson that she was very familiar with the ways of his company, and a hard spanking was preferable to any punishment from Big Tony, a man she knew most of her life and feared intensely.

With her bottom exposed and Mr. Pierson’s hard hand descending upon it time and again, all Audrey could do was cry out. As she knew more about this sort of business, Audrey’s bare bottom spanking was longer than Adriana’s. Once her spanking was over, Audrey’s bottom was presented to the camera upon which Mr. Pierson’s business partners watched her spanking. To her shock and humiliation, Audrey was instructed to turn around and face the camera, and apologize to his partners.

When Audrey turned around, she attempted to cover one of her most private parts with her hands. This earned her a very hard swat from Mr. Pierson, who instructed her to place her hands upon her head and make her apology fully exposed. Once this was done, Audrey was sent from the room crying from the pain as she tried to pull up her jeans.





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