The Contest: Bianca gets the Hairbrush part 1: this is the hairbrush portion of this contest




The Contest: Bianca gets the Brush part 1




Bianca Rose and Audrey









Now that Audrey has survived her spanking, it’s time to move to the next portion of the spanking contest. It is Bianca’s turn to go over Audrey’s lap for a hairbrush spanking. Once the tall redhead felt the first whack of the brush she summoned all of her strength not to tap out or cry.




hairbrush1-2 hairbrush1-3 hairbrush1-4 hairbrush1-5 hairbrush1-6


Now video grabs





hairbrushvg1-1 hairbrushvg1-2 hairbrushvg1-3 hairbrushvg1-4 hairbrushvg1-5 hairbrushvg1-6 hairbrushvg1-7 hairbrushvg1-8 hairbrushvg1-9 hairbrushvg1-10


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All five chapters are there









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Bianca Rose

















Candence Lux and Veronica Bound











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