The Dare – part 1 with Tara and David Pierson

Tara ran through the boy’s locker room on a dare and came face to face with the head coach. Her little stunt doesn’t seem quite so funny when she is over Mr. Pierson’s knee getting her bare bottom spanked.
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5 Responses to “The Dare – part 1 with Tara and David Pierson”

  • Kelly:

    I almost “hate” to confess that a couple of years ago at my gym, one of my friends and I were goofing around with a guy there and he slapped one of us on the shoulder so we both chased after him into the men’s locker room. We were treated to the sight of a male trainer who walked out towards us.
    We both apologized, laughing. He said with an expressionless face, “You got CAUGHT didn’t you?”
    We were afraid he would report us to the owner but nothing further happened.

  • You both needed to be spanked

  • Mark:

    I love this idea. And while I suspect your production doesn’t allow for it, I love the idea of the boys that she just invaded getting to watch her bare bottom squirm.

  • tim:

    Young Tara is a lovely girl spankee ,best,Tim.