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The other day I got this terrific email:



To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased and downloaded a video from your site at ‘clipsforsale’, entitled, “Love Rekindled”, starring Audrey, Joelle Barros and Bianca Rose. I am a connoisseur of Spanking videos and I just wanted to say that, THIS video is a classic art piece! Don’t Laugh! I’ve been looking for a performance like this for DECADES! The lighting? PERFECT! The cinematography? PERFECT! Musical score? PERFECT! The interaction between Joelle and Bianca? FLAWLESS!!
Job, Well Done! For years, I’ve watched paid actresses fake their way though their performances but THIS? Was real! And, I hope that Bianca takes this as the HIGHEST of compliments… She is the spitting image of Tori Amos! Isn’t it ironic that, Joelle had a way of making Bianca’s, ‘Raspberry Swirl’! lol 😉
Sincerely and Humbly Yours,

P.S. I hope that you receive a much deserved AVN Award for THAT performance, if you haven’t already! Keep up the ~~~Beautiful~~~ Work!”


I must thank Richard for that.  The story is dark and complicated and it is a bit scary to present something this earnest in an adult media sensibility.


This series was inspired by my friend Joelle Barros. One night she called me and said ” I want to play Marlon Brando to another girl in a spanking video”. I needed a bit more  of an  explanation. Like Brando in ‘ On The Waterfront ” or…quickly she noted, ” no his best role  ‘ Last Tango In Paris’.    I know many a film critic who would agree with her ..few others. I am very familiar with the film . It was clear , with or without butter ( look it up) we couldn’t shoot ‘ Last Tango’ but I hoped we could capture its essence, it’s dark statement on sex and love.


So, joining  Joelle, we brought in Bianca Rose and Audrey. Not only was Audrey key in the video she was my DOP.


When we shot the first three scenes it was done in the midst of an awful snowstorm.  So involved were we in the shoot we didn’t catch on to the weather. It took me ages to get everyone home.


Here are a few scenes from Dark Dance Of The Heart



‘ Attraction’



brando1 brando2 brando3 brando4 brando5 brando6 brando7 brando8 brando9 brando10 brando11 brando12 brando13 brando14 brando15 brando16 brando17 brando18


Joelle plays the role of a young, talented artist  seeking solace after the loss of a lover.  Bianca plays her  new love interest



I will say that there is the mystery of Audrey. Audrey plays the role of a powerful editor from a major publishing house, yet she is submissive to Joelle.  Why? I’m still working that out. I think I know.  Plus there is more to Bianca than being submissive to Joelle . Is she submissive? I really don’t think she is.


Here are a few scenes from Dark Dance: Editing Audrey



editingvg2-1_edited editingvg2-2 editingvg2-2_edited editingvg2-3 editingvg2-3_edited editingvg2-4 editingvg2-4_edited editingvg2-5 editingvg2-5_edited editingvg2-6 editingvg2-6_edited editingvg2-7 editingvg2-7_edited editingvg2-8 editingvg2-8_edited editingvg2-9 editingvg2-9_edited editingvg2-10 editingvg2-10_edited editingvg2-11 editingvg2-11_edited editingvg2-12_edited editingvg2-13_edited editingvg2-14



Clearly this is a complicated relationship.


A few months later Joelle called and wanted to take the story further. To tell you the truth, I had already started working on the script .


So it was just a bit warmer when we shot Dark Dance II:

The opening scene was key.  Joelle and Bianca meet up in a cellar bar.   They ended up together once again.  My problem was how best to express this passion. I had an idea of the two doing this dark dance  or sexual passion to  Bach’s ” Air On The G String’. I was so worried that it would come out as lame as the scene in which Rudolf Nureyev played Natsisija Kinsky  with a cello bow . ( again look it up.)  That didn’t work at all.

This did.  I was blessed with two  of the most lovely, tall and  graceful actors one could ask for.


Pics from ” A Love Rekindled”.


love1-1 love1-2 love1-3 love1-4 love1-5 love1-6 love1-7 love1-8 love2-1 love2-2 love2-3 love2-4 love2-5 love2-6



love2-8 lovevg1-1 lovevg1-2 lovevg1-3 lovevg1-4 lovevg1-5 lovevg1-6 lovevg1-7 lovevg1-8 lovevg1-9 lovevg1-10 lovevg1-11 lovevg1-12 lovevg1-13 lovevg1-14 lovevg1-15 lovevg1-16 lovevg1-17 lovevg1-18 lovevg1-19 lovevg2-1 lovevg2-2 lovevg2-3 lovevg2-4 lovevg2-5 lovevg2-6 lovevg2-7 lovevg2-8 lovevg2-9 lovevg2-10 lovevg2-11 lovevg2-12 lovevg2-13 lovevg2-14




Audrey was a key player here too.


These are a few pics from ‘ The Audrey Complication’.



complicationvg1-1 complicationvg1-2 complicationvg1-3 complicationvg1-4 complicationvg1-5 complicationvg1-6 complicationvg1-7 complicationvg1-8 complicationvg1-9 complicationvg1-10
complicationvg1-12 complicationvg1-13 complicationvg1-14 complicationvg1-15 complicationvg1-16

complicationvg1-19 complicationvg1-20 complicationvg2-1
complicationvg2-3 complicationvg2-4 complicationvg2-5 complicationvg2-6 complicationvg2-7 complicationvg2-8
complicationvg2-10 complicationvg2-11 complicationvg2-12 complicationvg2-13 complicationvg2-14 complicationvg2-15 complicationvg2-16

Not only does it increase the Audrey mystery but gives you insight into the true nature that is Bianca.


As I write this I am producing ‘ Dark Dance III and IV.’


If I died tomorrow, I’d love to be remembered for this work. My thanks to Joelle, Bianca and Audrey






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