The Editor: a well composed discipline




The Editor


Audrey and Dominic King














Audrey is a very powerful editor for a major publishing house. One day she was approached by the head of her publishing house and was asked what she knew about a hot, young, writer named Bianca Rose. She noted that she had just blown the kid off. Her publisher was less than happy as several other houses wanted to publish her. Dominic, upon learning that Audrey had not so much as read the writers manuscript, thought about firing Audrey from her seven figure salary position, but Bianca only wanted to work with this talented editor. Instead of firing her, the powerful publisher decided a bit of discipline was in order. He took Audrey over his lap for a hard spanking that eventually proceeded to her bare bottom.
After her spanking, Audrey promised to focus on developing new talent. While Dominic was in her home, she tried to remain as composed as possible despite the fact the she was nearly naked from the waist down. Once he left, all she could think about was rubbing the pain from her sore bottom. No matter how hard she tried, the burn remained.



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Now a few stills from the movie.



editorvg2-1 editorvg2-2 editorvg2-3 editorvg2-4 editorvg2-5 editorvg2-6 editorvg2-7 editorvg2-8 editorvg2-9 editorvg2-10 editorvg2-11



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