The End Of Probation: lessons learned?




The End Of Probation



Joelle Barros and Michael Valentine










It was a happy day for Joelle when she was informed that her probationary period was over and that she was now a full fledged member of the faculty. However, Dr. Valentine felt that it was best that she remain under his mentorship. Joelle felt otherwise and told The Headmaster so. He pointed out that she had yet to prepare her teaching plan for Monday and that was unacceptable. Soon, the new faculty member found herself over the Headmaster’s lap for a spanking. Her punishment started over her skirt, then upon her very cute panties. She let out a loud gasp as her bottom was exposed. Despite the fact that the Headmaster had seen her bottom many times as a student and probationary teacher, this was particularly embarrassing as a faculty member.


As Joelle kicks and writhes to the painful rhythm sent upon her bare bottom by Headmaster Valentine’s hands, she realized that she had much to learn from those with more experience before revolutionizing the field of instruction. Failure to do so results in many a painful lesson.





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I need to thank a few people. First I must thank my dear friend Joelle Barros. She came down from NYC to help me shoot at our new studio. ( I hope the have us back..not sure they knew what it was we do) It was a great space.



Honestly, I should have just gone to NYC myself as all of the girls on Saturday’s shoot are New York residents. I must also thank Dominic King and Adriana Evans for offering their assistance too. On Saturday I shot Nikki Sebastian being spanked by Julie Simone . I always try to have another girl onset should all plans turn to snot. This happened a few months ago when Tara was unable to go on and Audrey stepped in.


Nikki had a hard time getting through yesterday’s shoot. Being spanked by Julie is no easy feat. After scene three I had already discussed with Ms. Barros her going on should I feel it necessary. The crying, screaming and tears were very real. I will talk more of this tomorrow.( The screaming, crying and screaming may have been coming from me)







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Thank you again to Joelle. After the shoot it took two hours to get her to the train due to local flooding.





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