The Evil Mother In Law: There is more to this then you can know





The Evil Mother In Law


Chloe Noir and Audrey





When she was informed by her “mommy” that she was to attend a prep school, Chloe envisioned herself sitting in a class of children. Instead, she found that she was one of a number of “Mommy’s little girls” in this town. Lost in contemplation, her instructor noted that she wasn’t paying attention during class. Upon her arrival home, she was confronted by her mother in law, whom she must now refer to as mommy or have her sexual indiscretion revealed to her husband and the entire town, for not paying attention in class. For this, Audrey took her little girl over her lap for another spanking.

Audrey spanked her little girl until she promised to always pay attention to her instructors. She was then placed in the corner, near the picture window, so her predicament could be seen by all. Chloe dared not defy her “Mommy” again.



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Here are a few stills from the movie


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