The Experienced Girlfriend





The Experienced Girlfriend



Audrey and David Pierson





Audrey is a top call girl from the agency known as “The Experienced Girlfriend.” When one of Audrey’s clients did not pay her the full amount agreed upon, she had words with him. This is strictly forbidden as Mr Pierson takes care of all such disputes. Audrey makes a very good living but as part of her contract she must submit to company discipline. Audrey knew what was coming when Mr. Pierson showed up. She was told to turn around and put her hands on the bed. Her panties were lowered, and a hard bare bottom spanking was administered.


As Audrey’s painful spanking proceeded, she was informed by Mr. Pierson that her client was watching her punishment. This made her feel even more humiliated. At the time she didn’t realize that having him in a room was an ideal way of collecting the money he owed Audrey but also collect a 50% penalty for not paying her.

To conclude her punishment, Audrey was informed that she was to be spanked very hard for one or two minutes. Audrey inquired, “that wasn’t hard?” Mr. Pierson noted that what was to come will be much harder.

Audrey screamed as spank after hard spank fell. Audrey then agreed to leave all money disputes to Mr. Pierson.

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Wow do I have a lot to cover tonight.  I love everything about tonight’s update. The day Audrey and I shot this I wasn’t supposed to be on camera at all. A girl dropped out at the last minute and that left Audrey , me and three tripods. The scripts I wrote were useless. I call the series we shot that day ” The Audrey Improv sessions.”. Many of you wrote to say how much you enjoyed part 1 of the movie.


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It is so good to see Dave of Cherry Red Report back in action

He posted a nice piece about PB there. Do check it out.

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