The Head Of The Family: The Entire Tale






The Head Of The Family


B.C. Loveless as Taylor and Veronica Bound



  1. Taylor Summoned








Over the years, as head of the family and CEO of the business that allows the family to live well, Veronica has had to punish many a trophy wife or niece prone to too much spending, too much partying. Her niece Taylor was summoned to see the head of the family. Taylor had been a wild child for some time but recently she sought the notoriety that often accompanies the wealthy when they behave in this manner. She was aware that being summoned was not good news, but she was surprised to learn that her Aunt V had decided that she was to live with her and under her strict guidance. When Taylor opposed this plan she quickly found herself over Aunt V’s lap for a hard bare bottom spanking.

The entitled brat had her bare bottom spanked by her Aunt Veronica until she promised to be good and do as she is told. She was then put in the corner to think about what she had done wrong today and of her prior offences.










The Education of Taylor



taylorpic3 taylorpic4

The former Punk Princess Of Privilege, as Taylor had come to be known in the tabloids, could not tolerate the idea that her Aunt Veronica had signed her up for an exclusive prep school. The brat should be in university, but never finished high school. Veronica was assured that one year at the school and Taylor would be ready for higher education. Taylor was threatened with another punishment if she didn’t put her uniform on and be at the car in ten minutes. After school, Taylor walked into the living room only to be confronted by her irate Aunt. Taylor was seen shopping in town, rather than at school where she belonged. She was made to place her hands on the table and bend over for a strapping.

Taylor was strapped upon her bare bottom until she agreed to never cut school again.




  1. Out too late





taylor5 taylor6 taylor7

Taylor was permitted to go out with a few friends so long as she was up and ready to attend the opening of a new wing of the hospital, funded by their family. Veronica was livid when she found her bratty niece still in bed. Soon, the former punk princess found herself over her Aunt Veronica’s lap for a hard spanking with the hairbrush.

Taylor cried out as the hairbrush fell, time and again upon her naked bottom. She promised that she would be happy to attend the opening of the hospital wing with her Aunt Veronica if only her spanking would stop. Veronica gave her bratty niece fifteen minutes to meet her at the car or she would require medical attention at the hospital due to the damage she would inflict on her bottom













After suffering several hard spankings from her Aunt Veronica, Taylor went looking for dirt on her aunt that would allow her to escape her clutches. While going through her Aunt’s belongings, she found many an implement of discipline that indicated her Aunt’s avocation. Before Taylor could leave the room, she was found by her Aunt. Veronica took her bratty niece down stairs, affixed her to the library stairs with rope, and gave her a sound beating on her panties with a think leather paddle. Then her panties were lowered and a thin cane was used with stokes coming in rapid succession.

Tied tightly to the antique library stairs, Taylor could do nothing but feel the pain of the cane that landed with the regularity of a well-functioning heart. After her punishment was concluded, Veronica was left tied in place to contemplate how violating Aunt Veronica’s privacy is something to fear.





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