The Kitchen Paddle – A Special Presentation



The Kitchen Paddle




Amber Pixie Wells and Veronica Bound








As promised, this week we present a never before scene with Amber Pixie Wells. She wrote this one. It is intense and there are lots of tears. Why this video hasn’t been seen before baffles me. It is terrific. I think Pixie deserved every swat of that paddle for misplacing this video. I improved the video quality as best as I could, and converted it to mp4 format.

Pixie was aware that the paddle in the kitchen hung there as a reminder for her to behave. When it was off the hook she know that trouble awaited. One evening Pixie was rude to her mother during dinner. She hoped that going to bed early would save her from the dreaded paddle. When she saw her mother enter her bedroom with dreaded implement, Pixie knew that she was in for several minutes of torment. The tears followed almost as soon as the wooden paddle landed upon her bottom.




paddle1-2 paddle1-3 paddle1-4 paddle1-5 paddle1-6 paddle1-7 paddle1-8 paddle1-9 paddle1-10 paddle1-12


Yesterday afternoon , after an extensive search, Pixie informed me that she could not find the pictures to this video. So at 2 am yesterday morning I created a bunch of video grabs. When I awoke today she let me know that she had found them.  I hope you like grabs ,because I worked hard on them and I’d rather they not go to waste


paddle1 paddle2 paddle3 paddle5 paddle6 paddle7 paddle9 paddle10 paddle13 paddle14 paddle15 paddle16 paddle17 paddle19 paddle22 paddle23 paddle26 paddle28 paddle29 paddle30 paddle31 paddle32 paddle33 paddle35 paddle36


Hope you like this. Surprisingly we have located a lot of Pixie material and we will show them from time to time.



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3 Responses to “The Kitchen Paddle – A Special Presentation”

  • Bobbie Jo:

    Nice grabs, David! They add to the pics a different dimension. Sometimes screen grabs show things that the pics don’t or can’t. Good job!

    • admin:

      Well, when we couldn’t find the pics I had to do something. I remember shooting this video so well. It’s rare to get Pixie tears. Glad you liked them.

  • Tim:

    David ,little miss Pixie has big spanks from Veronica s whacking paddle ,very nice to have this early vid shown ,best,Tim.